Upgrading the security of DESFA facilities, in collaboration with Intracom Telecom

Kourassis, in collaboration with Intracom Telecom, undertakes the project of upgrading the security of DESFA facilities. More specifically, our company, utilizing Intracom’s modern technologies and the innovative movement detection platform it has developed, will upgrade the systems in 9 DESFA stations, enabling the verification of objects, activation of alarms and detection of violations.

Under the contract, our company has undertaken the design, procurement and installation of the required hardware and software, ensuring seamless interfacing with existing systems/infrastructure and integrating the SISC2 platform for monitoring, collaboration, coordination and management incidents related to security and operations management. Completion of the project is expected in April 2022.

The SISC2 system will provide DESFA with the benefit of 24-hour real-time monitoring in order to further enhance its security, protect its employees, as well as its infrastructure from theft, vandalism, sabotage or any malicious action. In addition, the Administrator can provide the best possible support to its staff in security matters, especially when they work in emergency conditions. The management of the SISC2 system will be carried out centrally by the DESFA Physical Security Control Center, while physical security control centers will be created in all DESFA facilities regionally and locally, so that it can operate autonomously in remote areas as well.

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